Friday, 13 September 2019


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All women love a little 'tweakment' to make their face look rejuvenated, fresh & youthful. We spend hundreds on anti-aging & anti-wrinkling products, which let’s face it, takes consistency & serious determination. I’m a bit impatient sometimes & want instant results. Going under the knife on the face is a bit too extreme for me so non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers are the perfect middle ground to achieve lost firmness, collagen & elasticity. 

Recently, we went to The Derma Bar & we are so pleased with our results! We love supporting a sister duo, Christina & Teresa, venturing into business together as Jyoti & I always do so we’ll share a bit of our experience. 


The Derma Bar does free consultations to help you determine what you want to tweak. For our consultation, we got to list what we wanted to change facially & in return got a few options of products explained to us (which ones last longer, which are more water based, which ones best contour the face). 

There is nothing worse than an injector who does not listen to what you want. I previously had my lips filled & I hated the end result. My lips were overfilled against my natural cupid’s bow shape which looked odd on my face. I eventually had to have an enzyme injected to dissolve & remove the filler. 

Our injector, Lesley listened to me complain about my past experience. She has a light & friendly approach while maintaining professionalism. I like everything to appear natural so I love that she understood the difference between creating full voluminous lips with a slight pout rather than over injecting with too much projection giving off the infamous duck lip look. 

This time, I wanted plumper lips along my lip line, top & bottom, sharper cheeks, smooth under eyes & a few drops in my chin for pointedness. 

Jyoti wanted a bit more definition in her jawline, symmetry in her lips & smooth under eyes as well. 


Speaking from my personal experience, I would say the pain is slight & minimal. I know I look like the strong one out of the two of us but my pain threshold is 0-1 in comparison to Jyoti who once got her lips injected without any numbing cream! I like numbing cream (put on for at least 20 mins) tingling away because I have delicate lips. Lesley has a gentle touch, she gave me a stress ball after her & Jyoti teased me about being a baby but I didn’t even need or use it. She guided my inhales & exhales, all I felt was a tiny pinch or prick while listening to their humorous rapport. 

What can I say, good injections are a JAB well done & I was in good hands, literally. ;) 

The tear trough treatment (under eye) is my favourite because that area is less sensitive to touch from me using all those eye creams hoping for a miracle. The results are instant whereas other fillers take time to settle. I would definitely recommend this treatment. 

Everyone heals differently, Jyoti & I had no bruising but it is more likely if you consume alcohol or are menstruating. I have bruised once before so now I take arnica a few days before I’m doing any fillers. 



Don’t ‘fill up’ on alcohol prior to your fillers. 
Don’t ‘fill up’ on garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne prior to your fillers (so avoid delicious Italian or Indian food). 
Don’t ‘fill up’ on caffeine prior to your fillers. 
Don’t ‘fill up’ on aspirin, Motrin, vitamin E or fish oil. 

I would recommend boosting your vitamin K (spinach, kale, celery) the week of your appointment to promote healing. 


The most important thing to do is to avoid touching or flattening your injection areas in any way. Jyoti taught me how to sleep with my hand resting on my temple so your cheeks aren’t pressing into the pillow. I was a bit itchy on my cheeks the first day but I restrained from scratching. 

Exercise & blood thinners should be avoided for at least 24 hours, obviously no kissing with your new lips until the following week when your fillers have settled & the swelling is down. I personally love the swollen look, my lips look smooth & wrinkle free. 

Invest in your face, it represents you. Book your free consultation HERE


Wednesday, 21 August 2019


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Landed in Paris. Quick trip to the Arc de Triomphe. I think it was the hottest day in France EVER!!! No makeup look with hair tied back was perfect with some joggers, a bikini crop top under a crisp white shirt & sneakers. BONJOUR top on Kiran was fitting. Quick cappuccino & light snacks so we don't spoil dinner. We ordered cirque monsieurs, freshly baked cookies & cakes. Heading to dinner wearing men's H&M joggers & a faux leather bustier. Kiran wearing a sequin sheer dress with Off White denim jacket. Dinner at Kong. Passionfruit martinis as usual. Packed & ready to head home. We had so much luggage after the shopping we did in London. Boarded on Air France with matching mimosas & an amuse bouche before lunch was served.

Hope you enjoyed all of our travel diaries.


Tuesday, 13 August 2019


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Short trip to Santorini to relax. You can't do Greece without doing Santorini. A big ass bus for the 2 of us plus all our luggage. Our accommodation was too beautiful. Couldn't get enough of the blue doors & windows. Perfect nails to match. Straight to shooting this ribbed baby blue bikini with Manolo strappy sandals & oversized hat. Kiran wore a tie-dye bikini with a straw hat. Beach day: it was so relaxing & so necessary. Champagne & a fruit plate in the cabana. Kiran ... on the rocks.

I wore a periwinkle 3 piece set made by Kiran with a printed tie string & straps. Started off lunch with two Aperol Spritz' & tons of pictures. Kiran wearing the FREQUENCY TIE DYE ONE PIECE BY SPCTRMStudio with matching bag wrap & sarong: how stunning is the fit? Greek salad & salmon with beets for lunch.

Stroll through the city with some gelato. Dinner on the beach wearing jeans & a tie up top, you guessed it, made by Kiran as well. Kiran's wearing a printed outfit from River Island a few years ago. Mini beach photo shoot.

Kiran wearing a cerulean stitchless maxi dress made by her, which matched the city so beautifully. If you are interested in this dress, please DM us because it is custom orders only.

Lunch wearing a Versace men's shirt with biker shorts made by Kiran, a straw visor, vintage kitten heels & Chanel bag. I think this was my fav look of the whole trip. Double the Chanel at lunch. Cappuccino to finish. Kiran wearing a River Island flared mini dress from a couple years ago. It's perfectly fitting.

This SANTORINI KNOT DRESS with matching handbag from SPCTRMStudio was so beautiful. I did KNOT want to take it off. It draped so perfectly, was the perfect breathable material in that heat & the colours were so vibrant.

Dinner in a striped pyjama set. Found a striped couch to shoot on. The beach before sunset.

Last day in Santorini. Freshly squeezed orange juice by the pool. Wearing a black buckle bikini from my Primark haul. The infamous nude with a hat shot. Kiran rocking the citrus yellow one piece.


PARIS PHOTO DIARY, coming up next ...