Monday, 23 February 2015


I love when fashion meets another aspect of my daily life. That boring soap bar that everyone hates to leave lying around is reinvented with a cute & creative idea: customized pop culture soap bars with accents of fashion, music, media & even pets.

I was excited when I got a package of soap bars that were just my style. A Celine trapeze with bright yellow accents, a black Lady Dior exactly like my own & bright orange stilettos.

'Come Clean Soap' is a vegan, moisturizing glycerin bar free of harsh chemicals so it is even safe for pets. It is created & sold in New York City with shipping around the world. My next order will definitely be the 'sneaker head collection' with the most detailed Nike kicks.

Whether the gift is for a dog lover, a trendy lady or sneaker loving boo, there is something for everyone.

The customized soaps really caught my attention & I can think of plenty of logos, sayings and brands I would want encased in a wellness soap bar. These are also the perfect addition to an event gift bag.

The 'minerals collection' is enticing as well with all natural bars including rose water & black sesame to help balance and cleanse skin as well as revitalize and rejuvenate.

For inquiries & orders, please contact Yvonne Kai

Instagram: @comecleansoap