Monday, 2 April 2018


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Fashionable women everywhere are tossing out their restraining corsets for oversized jackets.

This started way before Coco Chanel rebel-lionized by dropping the lioness & dismissing the feminine touches introducing the world to menswear inspired suits, blazers & trousers in tweed; a fabric once associated only with menswear. It was heavy, rugged, coarse & structured not light, airy, delicate & flowy like women's wear was expected to be.

Audrey Hepburn ditched the corset & turned towards androgynous garments & bow ties, the smoking tuxedo jacket wasn't just for men anymore according to Yves Saint Laurent & now, in 2018, genders have crossed boundaries & wearing men's wear is not only fashion forward but also cost effective since women's wear has the pink tax.

Suits are to women what lingerie is to men. Who doesn't look to see a man in a fitted tailored suit?
Lately, I've been obsessed with Lucifer where the 'Dapper Devil' parades around in designers such as Hugo Boss, Burberry, Ted Baker, Canali & SEW it goes.

While watching season 3, episode 8 'Chloe Does Lucifer', I saw Lucifer wearing his typical three-piece suit in a brown/burgundy shade & Chloe wearing a tailored suit when she is playing a seductress so it gave me the idea to follow Lucifer's footsteps with his suits, Louboutins & guyliner. I asked my mom to find me something similar in my dad's wardrobe. All girls steal their mom's clothes so why not dad's?

She found a three-piece brownish woven wool suit with a silk back vest & adjustable strap. It was oversized with broad shoulders, perfect for my masculine look. Of course I kept a few feminine touches; I didn't all the way ditch the corset. I wore a black corset bodysuit to give me some great cleavage, I put a tight bow in my leather belt tightened around my vest to create some womanly shape, the jacket on my shoulders, leather tights (when you wear oversized, the accent garment should be fitted) & nude SoKate Louboutin pumps.

Don't be a button-hole, save your dad's button down blazers! We all needle little jacket help sometimes.


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