Sunday, 4 October 2015


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Men have cars. Women have closets. And when women say they have nothing to wear, this is usually what they are talking about.

I add snippets of my dressing room here & there on snapchat whenever I'm home and it's become the most requested blog post so I decided to finally shoot it.

I have major OCD so everything is organized TOP to BOTTOM (literally!). There's a section for tops, for bottoms, for mini dresses, for long dresses. There are drawers for brasets, panties, socks, lingerie, and bikinis. The shoes and shoe boxes are colour coordinated and transition from lightest to darkest. The handbags are organized by brand, shape and size. It just makes it easier when packing or running out. Those few minutes saved searching for something can make the world of a difference. They do for me.

There is a rolling rack in the centre of the dressing room for new pieces and of course, travel outfits. I forget what I packed so I usually hang entire outfits, with accessories, and take a photo so I can remember how to wear it when away. Anyone know where I can buy a hotel luggage stand to pack & unpack?

The closet is almost complete. I have a couple more things to finish before it becomes so cold that I turn into a snowwoman. I will add an updated closet post when I do.



BTW I am trying to make some room in my wardrobe since the hangers don't even have room to move so stay tuned to purchase some previously loved pieces! Download the DEPOP app & my username is: jyotimatharoo


  1. Your wardrobe and closet are amazing. I am a professional organizer and I am so impressed with your organizing skills! Sooo beautiful. And I am OCD too so I can relate hahaha :-)

    1. Thank you. Yes, the OCD is the best for organization! :D