Thursday, 25 May 2017


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Naturally, I had thicker eyebrows, but just as Jyoti's horror story on her 16th birthday, getting plucked and pulled until she was left with nothing but an eyebrow line & tears, I too over-plucked my eyebrows for that barely there 90's brow look.

Jyoti learned a valuable lesson that day: there is a thin line between love & hate. That line is an eyebrow!

Plucking leaves gaps & spaces at times. Sometimes the hairs just simply refuse to grow back.

I've tried every natural hair growth home remedy in my eyebrows; almond, olive, & castor oil, I've even tried milk. I've tried not touching them for months but then you get irritated with hairs sticking up in all directions.

I gave up & moved to drawing them in thicker to fill in the gaps using gels, hairsprays, pencils & pomades. I was going for that young Brooke Shield's straight brow with a slightly messy yet neat front which is a skill to perfect. Bushy eyebrows are a trend but it is still an art of grooming, you wouldn't just leave your vagina without a trim would you?

Thick, fuller eyebrows are a massive trend right now dominating 2017. Everyone wants bold dominating eyebrows framing their face. It adds a touch of youth & definition.

If I had a make-up free face, I would feel the need to draw in the hair gaps in my eyebrows, which were very noticeable without a full face of make-up.

I was lost until I found microblading: a precise beautician uses a manual tool with a tiny blade to make hair-like strokes to deposit pigment for natural looking, even, fuller eyebrows.

Lynda curved lines to the natural shape & arch of my eyebrows. She gave me symmetry! The best part is that microblading shortened my make-up routine, my eyebrows look great without makeup & it's not permanent. If you want yo change it after a few months (change the shape, make it thicker, thinner, whatever), it's possible.

Eyebrows are sensitive; anything on your face should be handled with care because you can't hide it. You want to go to a microblading specialist that doesn't require much direction, has a comfortable environment, & ensures you are pain-free & happy when you leave.

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