Sunday, 11 June 2017


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Sundays are far from lazy when you're making Sunday brunch! My favourite brunch food is Eggs Benny, done my way. I substitute the traditional English muffin for a crisp layered pastry to make it extra special, I use crispy bacon instead of ham, & I add a splash of white vinegar & pinch of cayenne into my hollandaise sauce to give it a kick over my perfectly poached egg. Jyoti & I always have mimosas on Sundays

I love to mix up sweet & savoury for brunch. I always do one of each so I made a rose mould filled with mixed berries out of some leftover milk chocolate, alongside some chocolate covered tangerine hearts. You take two tangerine slices & place them beside each other to form a heart shape, put a toothpick through it, then dip it into melted chocolate with a double boiler. Harden in the fridge or freezer, then remove the toothpick. I creatively cultivated a powdered sugar spoon sketch & garnished with mint leaves. Who wouldn't want to wake up for this?


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