Saturday, 15 July 2017


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This era seems to be a space age with galactic themes popping up in movies, runways, & even manicures. Metallics are making a big splash on the runways such as the Chanel Fall/Winter 2017 line dripping with futuristic accents.

My 'Star Track' pant look with my men's Zara ivory, almost oyster coloured track suit paired with my iridescent chrome over-the-knee boots had me feeling like a space warrior. Anytime you are doing space style, chose one accent piece & wear it with a solid colour; minimalist style works best with such extravagant bold & shiny colours. Over-the-knee boots are leg lengthening if paired with fitted pants. My obsession with chrome is an age old one, lately I have been addicted to chrome nails, but for this look, my cornflower blue nails bring out the bluish undertones in the silver boots.

An acrylic chair to tie my futuristic theme together, why not! These over-the-knee look will bring any fashionista to her knees.