Thursday, 17 August 2017


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Day 1 of Caribana weekend: heading to a private party wearing a simple black jumpsuit, DOLLS KILL's 'Glass Slipper Clear Heels' & AMMO LIFE's 'Outkast Eardrop' earrings. Kiran is wearing a knit dress with Celine python box clutch & Tom Ford python ankle-wrap sandals. Picked up Hong Shing's spicy shrimp after a late night: guilty pleasure! Silver chrome nails to match my Caribana costume. Trying on my costume from the Brazil section at ATLANTIC MAS. I love the wire bras! Woke up at 7AM, got ready & headed to get a special body bronze and sparkly spray tan: I think I was excited about this part the most all weekend. Put on our costumes and headed in an uber to catch up with our float that we missed while getting spray tanned! LOL

We've been going to Caribana for years but it was our first time playing was. It's just such an exciting experience, so colourful and lively. Even though it rained for a bit and it was the coldest summer day ever in Toronto, the party continued. I definitely need to check out Trinidad & Barbados next year. Got changed after the parade and headed to the Drake+Lebron party at Lavelle on King Street. I wore KLOSET ENVY's 2 Piece Metallic Set with Tom Ford's Metallic Patchwork Leather Cage Sandals and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch. Kiran wore SCK THE LABEL's Foreli Gown with Christian Louboutin's Lady Max Spike T-Strap Sandals. We left the OVO party at Lavelle, grabbed some grub down the street at The Counter (Mmm ... chicken tenders, fries, a chipotle mayo & a strawberry milkshake) and headed back to Migos' party at the same venue, Lavelle. I was so tired from the parade that someone had to order me an espresso to make it through the rest of the night. The best dinner at SOTTO SOTTO. We started with the ...



Tender octopus seared on an iron grill served on a bed of Cannellini beans drizzled with Sotto dressing.

Then we had ...


Choice of whole fresh fish cooked on the grill & expertly seasoned with Sottos seafood dressing.


Grilled rack of lamb with herbs & garlic in a red wine reduction.

Got dressed and headed to ... Guess where? Another OVO party at Lavelle. I'm wearing a POSH BY V's 2 piece blush set, Valentino stud sandals & a Saint Laurent 'sac du jour'. I topped the outfit with a Zara bomber because it wasn't summer weather that night. 

Kiran wore a dress from a boutique in Miami ( I don't remember the name), American Apparel's black bodysuit, Christian Louboutin mesh pumps & an Hermes Kelly 25cm bag. 

Dinner at Fring's is always the same thing: [ a dozen freshly shucked OYSTERS ] [ grilled OCTOPUS with potato salad, red pepper relish, white balsamic, olive tapenade ] [ TUNA WATERMELON ceviche with red onion, cilantro, rococo chili, chinese fritters, ahi amarillo aioli ]

The 6 is definitely on a WAVE. 

Kiran also recreated this ceviche from Fring's along with their salmon one too. I will be posting the recipe shortly on the blog. 



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