Tuesday, 1 August 2017


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Packing for Spain; rose pink & saffron yellow theme. Airport look: men's sweats from Zara. Boarding & take off. Landed and went straight to dinner. Marina beach club for the day. Cocktails and pool time. Beachside with a Zara robe. Kiran in a unicorn one-piece & a Euro towel. The most beautiful rooftop views. Kiran wearing a Mango dress. Train ride from Valencia to Barcelona. At our hotel in Barcelona, Kiran wearing a black cutout one piece & cutout sandals with sheer ruffle pants from Carte Blanche. Rose gold everything: nails, bangles & metallic top from Carte Blanche as well. Bambu beach club for the day in an all rose gold look. Bikini is from Forever 21, sandals from Zara, sunglasses are from Dior. Nachos with a chilli spiced mojito. Hair is 30 inches from Miss Inchez. Dinner look: a simple bodysuit with sheer tights, Saint Laurent pumps & a Hermes Kelly bag. Beef carpaccio & tuna tower to start. For dinner, when in Spain, paella. Tiramisu & limoncello for dessert. Walking around the marina on our last night in Barcelona. Kiran wearing a lace jumpsuit, lace Louboutins & a Dior mini. Views and coloured buildings in Valencia. Lunch at the cutest little spot called Panaria. Risotto for me. Crepes & a milkshake for dessert. Rooftop photos with the most breathtaking views. Walking around the city, found the cutest building that complimented Kiran's V Label London dress & Valentino sandals. Last dinner in Valencia at Marina Beach Club before the party. Early morning flight. Had to try Spanish McDonald's!



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