Monday, 18 December 2017


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The torn & shredded trend is 'so hot right now' - Mugatu, Zoolander

If done right, you can pull off a laid back, 'I don't care what I put on look', even if your ripped tee was a rip-off. 

Balmain's $1,625 olive t-shirt with holes & tears was iconic but it will definitely leave holes in your pocket. With trend experts like Zara keeping up with hot items, I was able to find this amazing shredded men's sweater that I paired with a skin tight lace unitard. As I said in my previous post, baggy & baggy doesn't work, ups have to do tight when pairing with a loose-fitting piece. A lace bodysuit, a men's sweater, a waist belt as my feminine accent & sharp Celine glasses helped me merge my edgy yet soft look. 

If done wrong, you can look like you got into a fight with your lawnmower or suffered an animal attack so when choosing a hole-y top, don't wear it with ripped jeans & vice versa. You can do a mix of textures but keep it a maximum of two. 

The general rule of fashion; the less fabric, the more you pay.

"It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it has so many holes." - Mary Wilson Little