Friday, 30 March 2018


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Large cakes are so outdated but cake will remain the traditional celebration sweet treat until the end of time. Nowadays, people are opting for cake-pops: bite sized cake on a lollipop stick.

As an avid reader of Forbes (to see what my exes have been up to LOL), I stumbled upon "Forbes Top 10 Food Trends" where cake pops featured as number 9 of 10.

Food on a stick is always easier to eat at parties & literally a cake walk, pun intended, but it is also a portion of the calories with the same sugar-burst packed into a bite leaving you satisfied & worried about your next dentist appointment.

YUMMI POPS (located in Toronto) created customized fashion pops for me, exact to my specifications; half fluffy white vanilla cake & half rich chocolate cake coated in white buttercream with quilted Chanel and the signature 'CC'.

Yummi Pops are perfect for weddings, baby showers & birthdays with customized flavours & cake decoration.

Yummy Pops, 'you bake me crazy!' I will definitely be ordering another batch for my upcoming birthday.