Wednesday, 2 May 2018


mocha 1
mocha 2
mocha 3
mocha 4
mocha 5
mocha 6
mocha 7


Decadent tones are making their way into fashion: mocha, coffee, espresso, chocolate & nutmeg. Even the leather interior of my Benz is titled espresso. 

We've seen these colors on walls as paints, hair as dyes & in our coffee cups daily but not really so much in clothing & accessories until now.

These earthy neutral browns are versatile & can be paired with almost any color.

Mocha is one of those neutral staples that looks great on tanned skin. Recently, after my spray tan at BRONZED BY BLOOM, I was able to pull off this monochromatic mocha two-piece set from BOSSA, knee-high etched boots & my mocha Chanel.



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