Saturday, 29 September 2018


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My girl JESSICA RICH ubered me a fresh new pair of my favourite shoes: the FANCY stiletto. Use my code JYOTI for some money off when you order. You can order them HERE. Heading to Clay Lacy airport in Los Angeles. Short flight to Las Vegas for the Canelo VS. GGG fight. I'm wearing an outfit MADE BY KIRAN, Jessica Rich shoes & Dior Diorama bag. Kiran is wearing a Kann Butiq top, H&M shorts, Manolo Blahnik sandals & a Louis Vuitton petite malle. Our favourite: vodka on the plane. Checking in to the Skylofts at MGM Grand. Pre drinks at The Mansion at MGM Grand. Hakkassan to party. Beautiful room at Skylofts. Breakfast at the super exclusive restaurant at The Mansion. It looks like a gigantic greenhouse. So beautiful. Crab benedict with caviar & buttermilk pancakes. Judith Lieber lipstick clutch is to die for! Encore Beach Club for the day. MONEY bikini & beach towel. Kiran wearing a beach bunny swimwear bikini. Getting ready for fight night. I wore a full Jessica Rich Collection look, head to toe with an Hermes Kelly bag. Kiran wore a lame gold dress she made herself with Manolo Blahniks, Dior bag & rose gold AP. Late night dinner at Wing Lei: it was literally the best Chinese food I've ever had. Little chair for your handbag. Taking off  back to LA. Dinner at Barton G with Jessica Rich. They have the craziest presentation for food including the popcorn machine for popcorn shrimp & I literally came for the Marie Antoinette dessert. I'm wearing a pink dress MADE BY KIRAN with Jessica Rich stilettos again. Kiran is wearing a Fashion Nova dress with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. Went to Jessica Rich's beautiful store on Melrose for a late night tour. Congrats girl! I love the hanging shoe display in the window.


DUBAI Photo Diary coming up next ...


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  2. Wow OMG. What a stunningly luxurious life, like a fairy tale. Happiness that such adorable, luxurious, elegant, superb exquisite princesses (no, more correctly majestic and perfect goddesses!) are living in this fabulous world! Thank you so much for such fantastic beauty, gorgeous Ladies!