Saturday, 23 March 2019


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Takeoff to Texas. Hate airplane food so Kiran made some noodles & teriyaki meatballs for the trip. Bloody Mary in-flight. Kiran dressed real business-y for a meeting wearing a white Ralph Lauren shirt with black trousers & trench coat, Louboutin & a Kelly bag. STEAK 48 for dinner: I LOVE this place. We ended up eating here twice in one trip and ordered the exact same things. Oysters & crab cakes to start. Petit filet mignon with mac n cheese, whipped potatoes & sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I'm wearing an all lace outfit from Fashion Nova with lace Loubs for my lace theme. Kiran wearing all red: a Regne Official dress, Loubs & a Gucci bag. Party at Rose Gold.

Kiran wearing a coral long sleeved dress from Fashion Nova with McQueen pumps and a Dolce & Gabanna bag. NOBU for dinner. Started with the exact same thing we order in every country: Mango-Passionfruit martinis, with yellowtail hamachi & rock shrimp. Finished with miso black cod & sushi. And for dessert: Lychee martinis. I'm wearing a chocolate velvet jumpsuit from Fashion Nova with a Fendi bag & Saint Laurent heels. TOYOTA CENTER for the Rockets VS. Warriors game. MASTROS for the afterparty.

Dinner at STEAK 48 again. Kiran wearing a Fashion Nova jumpsuit, corseted belt, Loubs & a LV petit malle. Photoshoot in the RR Wraith. I'm wearing a dress Kiran bought years ago in Johannesburg with YSL Opyum sandals & an Hermes kelly. The yummiest malt waffle shaped like the state of Texas, how cute! Heading off to dinner. Yet another Fashion Nova romper with Jessica Rich fancy silver stilettos & a Dior bag. Topped with an amazing M.A. SKINZ custom teddy coat. I looked for this color & cut everywhere until I finally got it from them. Kiran wearing a BOSSA STORE nude set, with Manolo Blahniks. Dinner at BISOU. The carpaccio & cocktails were amazing. But the best part about this restaurant were the profiteroles. Bisou Bisou = Kiss Kiss. TWINNING outfits. Heading to brunch at Bisou with a girlfriend. Watermelon cocktails until a guy at the bar sent us some peach Bellinis. Matching ALEXANDER WANG pants: I wore mine with a Balmain x H&M tube top & Kiran wore a black crop top she made herself. Hotel setup at the St. Regis: everything has a place. That's the OCD kicking in with packing & unpacking.


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