Monday, 29 April 2019


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Boarding the long haul Emirates flight. I almost always start the journey with a cosmopolitan (or a few, especially when I can't sleep). Mezze platter on board is my FAV. Cherry gateau with a cappuccino before bed. J loves the Perrier bottles with the Arabic writing so I'm bringing this home for her minibar collection. LOL

Landed in Male, Maldives. Waiting for the seaplane to take us to where our water villa is located. What a view! Bike ride to dinner at Beach Rouge. Wearing a blue leopard jumpsuit with ZOLA BLVD mermaid stiletto. Blue martini to match the outfit.

Quick dip in the tub. The view from this bathroom window was amazing. Leopard theme going strong: wearing a leopard bikini on the deck. The weather was a bit gloomy but still very humid. Unpacked & took the mandatory TRAVEL CLOSET photo: everything is leopard & blue.

Morning coffee. Water villas & views. One piece leopard bikini for a dip into the Indian Ocean. Dipped the JESSICA RICH 'so bossy' slide into the ocean as well. The best part of this room was the net seat right on our deck. Did a little photoshoot there. Color coded packing. Afternoon views of the water villas.

Taking the cart to dinner on the beach. Found this swing hanging from a palm tree. Wearing a simple leopard print dress & wedges to dinner: island life. Snacks, cocktails & hookah.

TOP of the morning to you! Found this phone booth that actually makes international calls. I tried to call J but she was asleep. So the phone booth & phone pretty much became props.

Water villas at night. Japanese for dinner. Wearing a BSSA STORE pasha skirt with a Ralph Lauren shirt on top, belted with a leopard print belt.



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