Monday, 29 July 2019


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Drinks & dinner at Trader Vic's after landing. My fav: peach tree punch. Cheers to a fabulous vacation! Mint toes. I'm actually wearing a super super throwback Baby Phat dress! That's right. I found it in my closet, I bought 2 back in the day. It was my FAV dress. I'm surprised it still fits. Kiran in a whole yellow wardrobe for this trip. You can purchase her yellow sheer sleeve dress HERE.

Lunch at Sexy Fish. This teal theme was perfect & that's actually why I went there. Mint mani + pedi.  Wearing a mint 2-piece set with Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals & a Gucci bag. The mint 2-piece knit set can be purchased HERE. Yellowtail sashimi: the usual order. Mirror pic & details pic: the usual too.

Shopping at Dior while Kiran attended the Access Private Bank Polo Tournament. Finger sandwiches & champagne. When you're in a car for a long drive so you start doing a photo shoot in the car. Kiran's yellow Zara suit can be purchased HERE. Chinese for dinner. TIC TACs that match the nails. A few selfies. MINT MAXI DRESS by SPCTRM STUDIO. Click HERE to purchase. This dress + a RR always go together. Shoes by JESSICA RICH COLLECTION. Kiran wearing a 2-piece eyelet set we got in Lagos years ago. Click to buy HERE.

Drinks at the Sanderson Hotel Bar. Talking shit over cocktails. LOL Moving to the next location: Drunch's Regent Park. The PABLO ESCOBAR drink was the coolest. I'm wearing a mint mini dress with Zara strappy sandals & a Chanel bag. Purchase the dress HERE. Kiran wearing a 2-piece yellow saffron set. Purchase it HERE. Hopped into a cab to head to Libertine. Private showroom with the coolest LV'ed out Mona Lisa.

Unboxing the Dior mini saddle bag. Mint travel closet. Breakfast for two. Saffron travel closet. The Rosewood to meet some friends. Graphic 2-piece set that makes me feel like a superhero & get treated like one too. LOL Kiran wearing a cut-out Marciano dress with snake detail. I got that years ago for NYE. It looks so good on her. Almost makes me miss my short hair. Purchase it HERE. Headed to the Travis Scott ASTROWORLD concert at the O2 Arena. The backstage afterparty setup was TOO cute: slushie machined, popcorn, candy bar, colorful carpet & balloons. The show was great.

London double deckers. Drinks at the Purple Bar. I'm wearing a dress I got at Topshop in Vegas a few years ago. Purchase it HERE. The shoes are my collab with JESSICA RICH COLLECTION. Kiran wearing a saffron ribbed midi dress with cap sleeves. Purchase it HERE. Dinner at Novikov & shisha spot with a friend before heading back to pack & fly in the AM.


MYKONOS PHOTO DIARY coming up next ...

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