Wednesday, 21 August 2019


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Landed in Paris. Quick trip to the Arc de Triomphe. I think it was the hottest day in France EVER!!! No makeup look with hair tied back was perfect with some joggers, a bikini crop top under a crisp white shirt & sneakers. BONJOUR top on Kiran was fitting. Quick cappuccino & light snacks so we don't spoil dinner. We ordered cirque monsieurs, freshly baked cookies & cakes. Heading to dinner wearing men's H&M joggers & a faux leather bustier. Kiran wearing a sequin sheer dress with Off White denim jacket. Dinner at Kong. Passionfruit martinis as usual. Packed & ready to head home. We had so much luggage after the shopping we did in London. Boarded on Air France with matching mimosas & an amuse bouche before lunch was served.

Hope you enjoyed all of our travel diaries.


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