Wednesday, 7 December 2016


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View from The Cove, Atlantis in Nassau. Yacht day. Kiran wearing a sailor-inspired bikini, linen trousers, tied up shirt & Dior sunglasses. Appetizers & cocktails. Upper deck in Chanel flats. Me wearing Beach Bunny Swimwear bottoms, a Babes & Felines tee and Dior sunglasses. My hair is by Miss Inchez. The crew setting up the drone & BBQing some lobster & steak. The Kelly & a cocktail. Bikini top from River Island. Lunch served on the deck of the 2nd floor. Mini quiches, salad, pasta salad, grilled chicken, steak and fresh lobster. Lounging on the top deck. Out on the water until sunset. Nassau views. Dinner at Nobu. Passionfruit-mango martinis. We always eat the same thing: rock shrimp, black cod & yellowtail sashimi. Kiran wearing a dress from Carte Blanche & shoes by Givenchy. I'm wearing a jumpsuit from Carte Blanche & shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Pictures with Kiran in the infamous Atlantis throne.



  1. I am Canadian. I suggest Nigeria keep them there, we don't need them in Canada. I hope my tax money isn't going to go to help these nasty women out of jail. They need to learn a lesson to know nothing is free in this world. The men are to blame also because they let these two trash take them out to the garbage and feed them. Lol.
    Also, they claim or the media claims they are Kardashian like...they want to compare themselves to another set of TRASH!!!
    Women come to far but these kind of stories set us back!

  2. Look them up!!!