Friday, 9 December 2016


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Morning walk around the property, looking for Starbucks. Cabana at Cain: the adult pool. Dior bag & sunglasses. Tons of palm trees. Extra dark tanning oil. Bento box with tuna tartare. Mesh bikini by Beach Bunny Swimwear. Shrimp cocktail & a tie-dye set. Massages at Mandara Spa. Hair by Miss Inchez. Dinner at Luciano by the water. I had the beef carpaccio, lasagna & tiramisu. Long awaited beach day. Anklets from my trip to India last year. Cocktails on the beach. Photo shoot in the sand. Room service with a view. The beautiful entrance and lobby at the Cove.



  1. In jail now ypu little hoe bag

  2. Smh, should be ashamed of yourselfs. Gold diggers trying to get reach off others hard work. For everyone wondering this is what legal prostitution looks like.

  3. Must have some sort of foot fetish.... Ugly toes!!!

  4. Kim Kardashian wanna-bes. With that giant ass, may want to lay off the lasagne and tiramisu.

  5. The photo of her lying on the rocks in the bathing suit with sunglasses....looks like she shit on the rocks!!!

  6. Absolute trash, if you whores wanted to make some money off of selling your bodies try contacting a porn agency...oh right bet your Indian family probably wouldn't approve of that, we'll at least they know now that the daughters they wasted so much time and effort on have amounted to nothing in life except for knowing how to open their legs for a little money...

  7. So you've plumped up your lips, changed your hair a little bit, dressed up in fancier clothes, started carrying an expensive bag, have this blog and see yourself as some 'fashion blogger'/ trendsetter/ instagram popular/ women-wanna-be-like-me/us - ass women? You and your sister have sold yourselves and your body/respect all for some stuff to put in your closet, and some places to travel to. Disgrace to women that earn their keep, their money, what they wear, what they travel in. Whether you carry a birkin or not, there is value in earning something with hard work---that's when you can stunt for real, knowing you put in hours to spend $ on something nice for yourself. Its nice getting presents from your man here and there, but ya'll been sleeping with countless men just to live a life you didn't actually earn. My suggestion if you have any self-worth left: disappear off social media, humble yourself, educate yourself, get a hard working/earning job, learn the value of a dollar, and prove why your childhood insecurities and desires to be popular haven't held you back from being grown, respectable, and independent women that hold their own. I mean that in the kindest way. It's sad to see many women in society that are still little girls that for whatever reason weren't popular, or didn't have the nicest toys or clothes, and they've grown up desiring to fill that emptiness; in the wrong way. You didn't go earn an education or start with an entry level job and work you way towards success, you took the cheap sleezy way into being one of those illegitimate women you see in an elevator carrying nice things, but her insecurity still drips through because of the way she's looking around, to see if people are noticing "her worth". Be worthy.

  8. Ladies, good for you! It's about time somebody took it to those damned Nigerian scammers.

  9. Damn why everybody so mad? It's ok for Africans to scam others with their secret shoppers & fake lotteries but now that these two gave them a taste of their own medicine people want everyone to feel bad for them. Men have a weakness...its between a womans legs....these men fell for it...I think this is great! I love reading all these haters comments....your only making these girls more popular ����

  10. Can you please post some sexy pictures from Nigerian jails for your fans.

  11. I am Canadian. I suggest Nigeria keep them there, we don't need them in Canada. I hope my taxes isn't going to go to help these nasty women out of jail. They need to learn a lesson to know nothing is free in this world. The men are to blame also because they let these two trash take them out to the garbage and feed them. Lol.
    Also, they claim or the media claims they are Kardashian like...they want to compare themselves to another set of TRASH!!!
    Women come too far but these kind of stories set us back!



  14. I am really sorry about everything you are going through.

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