Sunday, 14 May 2017


dubai 1
dubai 2
Packing for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix; lots of long dresses and colour.
dubai 3
Kiran's comfy airport look, wearing a Givenchy tee, American Apparel leggings,
Yeezy sneakers & a Celine bag.
dubai 4
dubai 5
Metallic nails on Emirates.
dubai 6
dubai 7
Landed in Dubai first. 
dubai 9
Breakfast in bed. 30 inch hair by MISS INCHEZ
dubai 10
dubai 11
dubai 12
dubai 16
Bagatelle for pre-drinks. 
dubai 17
dubai 18
dubai 19
dubai 20
More drinks & appetizers at The Vault in Dubai. The duck spring rolls were the best!
dubai 22
dubai 23
dubai 24
Cirque Le Soir; this man is HUGE! Kiran is 5'9 & she looks tiny next to him. 
dubai 25
Shower on top of the city!
dubai 29
Bag collection for the trip. 
dubai 30
dubai 31
dubai 32
TRAVEL CLOSET, as usual. 
dubai 33
Late lunch on the rooftop. 
dubai 35
dubai 36
dubai 37
dubai 38
dubai 39
Day 1 in Abu Dhabi, wearing Geebin leggings from Carte Blanche, River Island top,
Saint Laurent pumps & a Chanel boy bag. 
dubai 41
dubai 42
VIP ROOM Abu Dhabi: Party 1
dubai 43
dubai 44
Cipriani for more drinks. 
dubai 45
dubai 46
On the yacht at 6AM in Yas Marina. 
dubai 47
dubai 48
dubai 49
dubai 50
Walking the Grand Prix Circuit. 
dubai 51
dubai 52
Breakfast on the balcony at Emirates Palace. 
dubai 53
dubai 54
dubai 55
dubai 56
Kiran in a fringe dress from Carte Blanche
dubai 57
After party on the yacht until 7AM. 
dubai 58
dubai 59
dubai 60
Nude beaded dress from Carte Blanche
dubai 62
Breakfast at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. 
dubai 63
dubai 64
dubai 65
dubai 66
dubai 67
dubai 68
dubai 69
dubai 70
dubai 71
dubai 72
dubai 73
dubai 74
dubai 75
dubai 76
dubai 77
dubai 78
dubai 79
dubai 80
dubai 81
dubai 82
dubai 83
dubai 85
dubai 87
Kiran in a jumpsuit from Carte Blanche
dubai 88
dubai 89
JOVANI dress from Carte Blanche
dubai 90
dubai 91


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