Tuesday, 15 May 2018


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Animal prints never go out of fashion.

The earth animals (leopard, python & crocodile) have conquered the runways for centuries, even butterflies have had their moment, so designers have turned to the skies to seek inspiration. Avian inspired fabrics create a delicate persona, a breath of fresh air & depending on the bird, an exotic print. For years, the most fashion has offered is the beautiful peacock print. In Fall 2015, Gucci strutted a bird embroidered dress down the runway with an eye catching bird (wings spread) right in the centre of a plunging neckline. Valentino also had a memorable feathered frock with an Eagle, a symbol of Rome. These two dresses really stood out & now birds are finally in the limelight.

This Zara two-piece crane print suit is a cross between a kimono with the obi (sash) belt & silk pyjamas. The cranes, considered a mystical creature in Japan representing good fortune & longevity, create an Oriental appeal. The culotte pants & blush crane print offer a relaxed & flowy vibe. When trying to pull off a sleepwear to daywear look, always dress up your loungewear with heels or wedges (height is important), a red lip (bright shades) & polished hair (for a glam look). You don't want to look like a lazy grunge who rolled out of bed; you want look stylish luxe like you stood in your boudoir & street styled your best silk or satin pyjamas; only Hugh Hefner can pull off wearing a silk robe to & from bed.

I paired my silk crane suit with Zara satin mules, soft pink YSL ankle straps, a blush bralette, Dior shades, a bold red lip & I can't believe I found a crane ring in my closet. I guess I got the good luck. 


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