Saturday, 12 May 2018


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White marble is having a moment! The trend started in home decor with chic & trendy brunch tables, then moved into cookware with us spotting images of minamalists having their morning coffee on a piece of marble slab & finally moved into fashion with Balenciaga's epic bags & bracelets.

I can't explain how many marble pieces Jyoti bought me for my kitchen; marble plates, cake trays, cutting boards, rolling pins & even a mortar & pestel. For herself she found a marble notebook, notepad & of course her two-piece marble skirt & top.

The amazing thing about white carrera or black marquina marble is that the "veins" or swirls in the marble are caused by impurities with clay, sand, iron or oxides getting beneath the surface, just as oysters' defence mechanisms create pearls. Each piece of marble is unique. The whole creation of marble is fascinating; from natural stone to magma or molten rock to granite to heated crystallized rock to your coffee table.

When YUMMI POPS was creating my birthday pops & asked what design I wanted, I had to try white marble. The trend has already moved into fashion so why not fashion cake pops? Stef did a MARBLE-OUS job recreating the white marble veins with each pop looking different & unique from the other. The cake was the most decadent chocolate cake I've ever had & if you do order @YUMMIPOPS, I would recommend a chocolate filling. Bite sized cake is trendy & waistline friendly for any fashionista's birthday.

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