Sunday, 13 May 2018


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Black leather is such a staple item in every woman's wardrobe. We all have a simple black leather jacket to wear in summer with a dress, in fall for a layered look or when we just want to have a Matrix moment with dark black shades. This classic fabric has moved out of outerwear & on to the runway with coloured leather dresses & pants popping up everywhere. Black leather is not just for biker gangs, rebels & rock n' rollers anymore!

I am replacing my little black dress with a LITTLE BLACK LEATHER DRESS (LBLD). This ASILIO genuine leather ruffle dress is a statement piece. It is a tight dress with a boned bodice for a form fitting silhouette, (which is such a turn on ever since Kim K wore the vintage built-in-corset Versace dress) along with ruffles going across it which combined, give a light feminity to overpower the tough durable strength of this strong solid black hue.

This ASILIO dress is so intricate that I chose to wear it alone with no accessories for an effortless feel to reveal my inner edge. With this kind of dress, you need no extras, no undergarments & no distracting colours. My LBLD with my black leather booties & dark Armani shades is a winning combo.

My style is a bit bipolar sometimes so I love pieces that I can wear two ways; leather dress with heels for a luxe look or boyish leather dress with sneakers for a sporty-chic look & this dress works with both.

Black leather is a seasonless fabric that transitions so well; it is definitly worth the splurge on an investment piece. The ASILIO LBLD is a soft, buttery matte leather with an architectural ruffle design flowing from the arms to the neck on a structured zipper back dress. I can't wait to wear it in the fall with stockings & boots.

Shop the ASILIO SANCTION LEATHER RUFFLE DRESS here. Also available in peanut butter leather.



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