Wednesday, 13 June 2018


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Fishnet has a delicate yet durable appeal; such a soft mesh fabric of intricate diamond shaped woven knit can be strong enough to capture & hold creatures of the sea.

The fishnet is a micro trend within the sock trend & even transitioning into clothing which accentuates a woman's shape & form. Wearing mesh or fishnet gives fashion forward women some edge by hinting at this fashion tip taken from punk fashion without going all out grunge.

This hosiery started showing up on runways, on Instagram & in street style; everyone seems to have a pair of mesh tights in their wardrobe or even their mother's racier day's wardrobe; you rarely see a hole in 20 denier fishnets so your mom may have a pair or two laying around!

The best way to wear fishnet stockings without looking like you stepped out of the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is to have fishnet peeking through & layered within your outfit as a versatile & affordable trend piece.

The top 4 ways to wear fishnets:

1. Under ripped denim.
2. Peeping through your ankle with pants & closed pumps.
3. Showing the fishnet waist band.
4. Wearing it under an oversized hoody or jacket.

My sporty look is number 4 wearing a mesh capri bodysuit over a NIKE training bra layered with a NIKE oversized hoodie, fishnet socks & JESSICA RICH COLLECTION'S perspex pumps. You want to keep your shoes a neutral shade because the rule of sock fashion is: the crazier the sock, the simpler the shoe. The yellow Nike symbol pops with my yellow nails & the chest mesh over my Nike check becomes the focal point.

Needless to say, I'm HOOKED to this trend, you never know who's attention you will CATCH wearing fishnets & I went "wo-MAN OVERBOARD" with my mesh!