Tuesday, 12 June 2018


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Saffron is the most expensive spice ranging from $11 to $56 per gram for the highest quality crop because it is hand-labour intensive removing the threadlike stigmas. CNN once reported that saffron is equivalent to the price of gold or precious metals rightfully labelling it "red gold", so it's safe to say the colour saffron is the colour of wealth. This beautiful rich yellow, a perfect amalgamation of red and yellow, also represents power; from toga stripes in Rome, saffron veils at Roman weddings, buddhist monks with orange-saffron robes & being strictly worn by only emperors & nobility in China in ceremonial gatherings.

To me, being of Indian descent, saffron is a religious colour with mythological significance. Part of the Seven Chakras, the Saffron Chakra is the second-primary chakra known to embody healing powers for good health using colour vibration therapy. This came about in Hindu mythology through ayurvedic foods & medicines like the deep saffron colour of turmeric, the calm of the sunrise/sunset (sandhya) or the blazing colour of a fire (agni) which can represent both calm & chaos. Saturated saffron is the colour of saints (sadhus) & the sacred Svadhishthana chakra lotus symbolic of divine inner peace, holy bliss & spirituality.

Pantone's saffron colour called "Primrose Yellow" was a great prediction as this colour has moved into high fashion with Gucci's saffron leather loafers & the bright saffron lambskin Chanel; the perfect bold accessories. If you feel you cannot pull off saffron because it washes out a paler skin tone, opt for a saffron trouser or stand-out accessory worn away from your face. I did a touch up spray tan at BRONZED BY BLOOM to glow in this royal colour.

The inspiration for my look is Kiran's paella, the contrast of the deep yellow rice created by saffron threads to the pure white calamari rings on top. The merging of the two colours translated into my cuisine-inspired outfit. I chose to pair my ASILIO 'Senna Satin Wide Leg Pant' with my BALMAIN x H&M pure white zipper crop to lighten the coat, a perfectly balanced brown-saffron elastic bow belt & the ASILIO 'Raven Oversized Coat' with a beautiful wide collar & tie belt, JIMMY CHOO black & gold cat-eye frames & JESSICA RICH COLLECTION 'fancy stilettos'. Saffron is a sublime colour making me feel, well I can't say saintly, I'm not a saint!


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