Monday, 25 June 2018


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Lavenders, orchids, lilacs & violets are all delicate flowers. Lavender is a delicate flower that is known to have a calming effect, improve moods, promote restful sleep & soothe the mind & body. It is the hint of a lavender aromatherapy candle you smell at your spa reception, in the essential oil of your masseuse's hands & the mild taste in your complimentary purple macaron. 

My previous violet look was a fierce royal colour. The opposite end of the purple spectrum is lavender representing ultimate femininity. The genteel ladies who can pull off lavender gowns are often refined, polite & proper which is precisely why on my birthday, as I am a year older, I chose to wear this floral lavender lace gown & mauve studded Valentino sandals.

Since I am a lavender aura colour personality, this look brought out my true nature: I am a care-free spirit who uses my intuition over intellect. I am very creative, witty & charming. The traits that stand out in me the most are that I am a spacey day dreamer who escapes reality by living in a fantasy world. For example, this lavender lace gown made me feel like an overdressed, girly-girl about to do a twirl on a purple carpet somewhere; red would ruin my colour theme!

Be sure to look up your aura colour personality the next time you want some self reflection. 


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