Friday, 1 June 2018


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I have been obsessed with the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo since it appeared in 'Goldeneye' with Pierce Brosnan & 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery, becoming a staple in the "Bond lifestyle". Of course, as a Marvel fanatic, my love affair with the hotel grew even more when my personal favourite superhero, Tony Stark, walks into the Hotel de Paris before the Circuit de Monaco scene in Iron Man 2. Hotel de Paris is one of the most luxurious and glamorous hotels in Monaco with a breathtaking lobby adjacent to the Cafe de Paris & right beside the Casino Monte Carlo. You need to make reservations well in advance for all the intimate restaurants, be well-connected as a frequent luxury clientele of the hotel & of course, park your exclusive luxury car outside the hotel because the hills of Monte-Carlo are an amazing drive. The last time I was here was pre-renovation of the vintage legendary building & I must admit, I love contemporary but I do miss the pale to turquoise touches on the water basin & vintage tub.

Packing for Monaco. Landing in Cote-d'Azur. Checking into Hotel de Paris. Bubble bath & macaroons, compliments of the hotel concierge. Floral + Lace themed look in the lobby, topped with Dolce & Gabbana floral lace pumps and Dolce & Gabbana floral sunglasses. Crocodile luggage from CAFFERY VAN HORNE. Travel closet complete with reds, florals and black+white stripes: fitting for the South of France. A little bit of shopping in a rose-printed jumpsuit from Fashion Nova with a Balmain blazer, Chanel flats & huge red hat. Lunch at La Marée Monaco with the most beautiful view. Moscow mule to start. Appetizers: scallops & tuna tartare. Totally an S.O.F. outfit: Fashion Nova top, V74 Boutique trousers, Celine sunglasses & Christian Louboutin 'so kates'. Fresh seabass for the main. Espresso to finish off this amazing meal. Relaxing at my hotel again. Pre-drinks at La Vigie on the water. Black & white striped outfit with perspex shoes, lined with black. Makeup setup; part of the unpacking OCD. Fruit salad before bed. Breakfast on our balcony. Navy crop top & white trousers from Kyna Collection. Breakfast order: black truffle eggs benedict, bacon & crepes with a chocolate sauce. BON VOYAGE.