Sunday, 27 May 2018


red bandage 1
red bandage 6
red bandage 5
red bandage 4
red bandage 2

RED: This bold colour represents both ends of the spectrum, love and hate & life and death.

Blood is red, blood is in the heart, the heart is the love organ & in reverse, when the heart is broken, you feel like your organ is in pieces with the blood seeping out feeling a piercing anger & rage to only see red for the person who broke it. Needless to say, red is bold, it exudes strength & it can bring out a fiery confidence.

This cherry-esque red dress with undertones of scarlet is a new take on bandage. The intricate cut outs create a body flattering silhouette & the ankle length of the dress keep me looking classy while baring all this skin. The rule of fashion is if you have a revealing top, go for conservative bottoms & vice versa. Translated to this outfit, the revealing side means the dress should be full length so I'm not baring it all, literally because I couldn't wear any undergarments. I chose a nude lip & the JYOTIMATHAROO x JESSICARICH stilettos.


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