Saturday, 15 December 2018


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All packed for Dubai. Can you guess the color theme of the trip? Comfy airport look, wearing a men's H&M track suit & Yeezys. All of my luggage & handbags were completely transparent. No need for security. LOL Kiran had a full RED look going on, including her luggage. Her 2 piece set is from Zara. Fancy bins going through security. Settled into our seats & ready for this 13 hour flight. I had an arabic mezze platter to start. Kiran had the antipasto plate. Lots of cocktails on board. Kiran posing with her martini at the business class bar. Lounging in the lounge. Prepped for my in-flight skincare. When I am on a long flight, right after dinner, I take off all my makeup and prep my skin for bedtime. I take everything with me in a travel size: micellar water, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, oil, etc. Aboard Emirates, they have a little cubby to perfectly store everything so it is within reach during the flight. I will be posting A LOT of these in-flight skincare videos on YouTube shortly. Editing is a really hard job. Woke up to breakfast. A morning martini before landing.

Dinner at Beefbar in Dubai. Wearing an ombre blue bandage dress. I got this dress a few years ago, U doubt that it is available now. Pretty printed restroom in the restaurant. Kiran wearing a weaved bandage dress. Headed to Club White in Dubai.

Dinner at Hakkassan in Abu Dhabi. I literally got the driver to drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi's Hakkassan because the one in Dubai was under renovation and not open to the public yet. But I had to shoot this SKY BLUE maxi dress from SPCTRM STUDIO in the stunning restaurant with matching couches. I think the pictures came out amazing. Kiran also made the dress she is wearing. Let me know if you guys love it & we will get them made for you to purchase on the website as well.

Day party at Nikki Beach Dubai. I wore a SKY BLUE sporty bikini from SPCTRM STUDIO, with zipper detail. Kiran wore a leopard bikini she bought years ago: it started to fit again after her recent weight loss. We ordered sushi, ceviche & a salad. I had been craving sushi after watch a sushi mukbang. Champagne & vodka bottles for just us two: we definitely didn't finish them.

Dinner at Nobu in the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai. This entire hotel is surrounded by beautiful aquariums and a Poseidon-esque theme, true to the name.
Any Nobu we go to, we order the same 4 things:

Passionfruit Martinis
Yellowtail Sashimi
Rock Shrimp
Black Cod

They are always amazing. We tried a few new items this time but let me say, they didn't beat the usual order. I'm wearing a Greta Constantine dress with Manolo strappy sandals & Kiran is wearing a Marciano dress, which she turned backward to make it backless instead of frontless, with some Louboutin So Kates.


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