Friday, 21 December 2018


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Heading to my favourite afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It's so luxurious and I actually love the whole spread that they put together. You can check out my previous experience at this restaurant in THIS POST HERE. Everything comes out course by course, with bottomless champagne & tea selections. There are quiches & quinoa salads, then a lemon sorbet as a palette cleanser, followed by the savoury mini sandwiches, and then finally, the dessert trays, which are the best part. Scones, clotted cream, muffins & cakes. I highly recommend this afternoon tea. I'm wearing a dress from YERE COLLECTION with Manolo Blahniks & a simple bun. Kiran is wearing a Greta Constantine dress we've had for years; the shoulder cut is so unique.

Yacht day for just us two. First, the Bvlgari Yacht Clvb. On board a very beautiful Sunseeker. Snacking on fruit before heading out for the day. The Dubai skyline on the water is stunning. Kiran is wearing a bikini by EIDO SWIMWEAR. I'm wearing a metallic blue bikini by SPCTRM STUDIO. It is a one piece, turtleneck bikini; I love the shape and how it makes my body look. Blue Gucci shoes & a 'beachkin' bag for the outfit. The water was so choppy so I couldn't even put them on & stand up!

Lunch at Ossiano which is an underwater restaurant in the Atlantis, the Palm. It was a beautiful experience watching stingrays and sharks, neon & metallic finned fish and even divers during the feeding time in the tanks. It was so serene & magical. I wore the most perfect outfit: the NEON BLUE DRESS from SPCTRM STUDIO
Kiran also made me a matching little handbag with the dress. How cute is it?

Dinner at Coya. Kiran has tried Coya in London and she was always telling me how amazing it was. The ceviche platter was to die for: not just the presentation! I'm wearing a long dress from MANGO & Kiran wore a set from River Island. Had a little photo shoot in the car after dinner. 

I had been searching for the teal beach chairs & authentic Arabian umbrellas on the beach after seeing them on instagram, thinking it would be the perfect place to shoot my TEAL METALLIC ONE PIECE & I found it. It was the Arabian Court at The One & Only Royal Mirage. It was the most beautiful beach setup with breathtaking views. In all my years of visiting Dubai, I actually haven't been to any beaches. Kiran is wearing a dress we bought in LA. We might be getting more to sell soon.

Flight details: I'm wearing sunnyside up pyjamas from Forever 21 & Kiran is wearing a Zara dress. Mimosas before takeoff. Breakfast is served. I usually eat & watch movies for half of the flight but before I sleep on the plane, I remove all of my makeup & do full a full nighttime routine right at my seat. I sleep more comfortably & my skin feels so much better when I wake up. I even carry eye & lips masks with me for extra moisture.



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